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The Samoa Poke Cake is an amazing gift for lovers of Chocolate Coconut Caramel. If you are looking for sweet Samoan sweets, Coconut Caramel Cookies are an excellent option.

Coconut + chocolate + caramel combine for a slick, no-bake layer of ice cream, with a coconut crust made with toasted graham crackers. This decadent chocolate cake is folded into coconut butterscotch icing and then held together with dreamy buttercream caramel. Notably, this double-layered biscuit is made for the chocolate lovers out there, featuring an amazing chocolatey, tender caramel filling on both sides.

Since I did not dip the base of this huge cookie into chocolate as is done for the traditional Girl Scout cookie Samoa’s, I added dark chocolate chips under the coconut layer, similar to Seven Layer Bars, with a chocolate glaze dripping over the top. Add one cup of chopped pecans to the glaze, and skip the chocolate drizzle, as well as the Samoa cookies. Drizzle over top of the pie (use a pastry bag or Ziplock bag with a cutting edge to get the clearest look) then sprinkle over the Samoa cookies.

Let this sheet cake topped with Samoa cookies chill for 10 minutes, and then begin icing. For the frosting, we made the Coconut Caramel Frosting using lots of brown sugar, butter, and coconut. The frosting just melted a bit on the top of the pie, which is perfect for pairing with this sheet cake from Samoa Cookies. The frosting is sweet and will remind you of frosting on German Chocolate cake, except with no nuts.

If you try cutting into this chocolate cake right from the fridge, the frosting is solid. To top your pie, melt semi-sweet chocolate chips according to the package directions.

Remove a greased pie shell from the oven and spread 3/4 cup of chocolate chips evenly across the crust. Allow pie to cool in dish on a wire rack, while melting chocolate for icing, adding 3/4 cup chocolate chips to a small microwave-safe bowl and heating until melted, about 1 minute on high. Once the cookie pie is out of the oven, allow it to cool a bit before coating it with the melted chocolate.

Place the chocolate chips and coconut oil into a microwave-safe bowl and heat for 25 seconds, stirring well, and then heat again if needed until fully melted. Add 1 cup of caramel sauce to the mixing bowl with coconut, stirring well. Drizzle approximately 1/4 cup caramel sauce and 1/4 cup chocolate sauce over the top of half the pudding/cool whip mixture. Top cookies with coconut pudding, coconut, caramel sauce, and chocolate sauce or hot fudge.

You are supposed to have famous because that is the perfect coconut milk-caramel sauce combo. The sweetness in Pisa is a coconut milk-caramelized sugar combo. This Samoa Cake is a chocolate cake made with coconut milk, covered in caramelized glaze, which is more like frosting, and then sprinkled with toasted coconut.

Samoa Chocolate Rice is the basic, a mix of chocolate or cacao with rice, perfection topped with coconut creme. This Samoa Cheesecake recipe is a basic vanilla cheesecake base made with a delicious Oreo crust, topped with caramel, toasted coconut, and topped with chocolate. The poke-style Samoa Cake is a blend of sweet chocolate icing, fragrant toasted coconut, and a stunning butterscotch caramel topping. This Samoa cupcake is a heaven-sent mix of toasted, flaked, unsweetened coconut, semi-sweet chocolate ganache, and caramel sauce.

This bakery-style Samoa Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe are revelling in the combination of semi-sweet and milk chocolate chips, chewy bits of caramel, and delicious coconut. Sure, you could make your chocolate cake batter from scratch, but the true star of this Samoa Donuts recipe is this crispy, sweet, caramel-coconut topping. For this Samoa doughnut recipe, I went with chocolate cake doughnuts (made with a chocolate cake mix) chocolate cake mix, and I top them with a homemade coconut-caramel coating, then dipped them in melted chocolate.

For those days that you don’t have a Samoa cookie, it as fun to dress up some other sweet treats with this amazing combination of coconut, caramel, and chocolate. Luckily, you can get all of these delicious flavours from classic Samoa in this decadent Samoa Cake. The Samoa Cake tastes just like a favourite Girl Scouts treat, but in bundt form, with a soft, chocolaty cake covered with caramel glaze and plenty of coconut toasting on top. It is Girl Scout Cookie Season all year long with this Samoa cake, which is the BEST salt caramel coconut chocolate pie you will ever taste.

Samoa Cake the Samoa Cake Bundt is made from an ultra-tender, moist chocolate cake, drizzled with caramel glaze, and sprinkled with lots of grated coconuts. This Samoa Cake is a wonderful blend of chocolate, caramel, and coconut. A dessert that features coconut as its star ingredient, the Samoa Cookies are also made of butter, milk, and sugar.

In addition to the traditional flavours, you can also add grated coconut, melted toasted chocolate, and caramel toppings for an added twist. Sweet Caramel Sauce, Bittersweet Chocolate Chips, and Coconut Flakes are a fantastic combo. It starts with a coconut shortbread cookie, and then layers of creamy chocolate cream cheese, butterscotch pudding, and whipped cream are added. I wanted to give a little texture to the cheesecake, so I mixed a cup of toasted coconut.

Pour melted chocolate into a pastry bag or Ziplock bag with the corners cut off, and pipe this out over the top of the butterscotch/coconut mixture, in evenly spaced lines. Snip a hole in the corner of a Ziplock bag, then spoon any leftover chocolate on the top of our Easy Chocolate Truffles.