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Cosmetic surgeries seemed to have suddenly grown into enormous popularity among young adults, both men and women. Mostly common among women, this trend allows people to achieve an attractive physical appearance. Almost any bodily transformation can be achieved with drastic surgical procedures. These cosmetic surgeries range from minimally invasive methods such as botox to invasive surgeries such as breast implant replacement, rhinoplasty, liposuction, facelifts and more.

These surgeries are believed to enhance the mental health of the person seeking these transformations. With a new appearance, such as teardrop breast implants, you can experience mental health benefits including, improvement in self-esteem, confidence and more energy and life-lust. Some studies do show that self-perceptions of physical attractiveness do relate strongly and positively to happiness.

However, there is also evidence of increased mental health problems among people who’ve sought cosmetic surgery as an option. This is also associated with the unrealistic expectation of these surgeries, in physically transforming themselves to their mentally perceived image of perfection. According to research, males tend to exhibit greater dissatisfaction overall with these procedures than females. Adding to this, the majority of women who had undergone cosmetic surgery had a history of mental disorders ranging from depression, anxiety, illicit drug abuse, and self-mutilation to suicidal thoughts. The scientific correlation between the two is still unknown.

How badly do you think these cosmetic procedures affect such patients mentally and psychologically?

There is so far no direct link that cosmetic surgery will benefit the mental health of these women. Doctors say cosmetic surgery should not be used as a strategy to alleviate mental health problems in women dissatisfied with their appearance. So far, studies have proved that girls who decided to go “under the knife” were more depressed than those who opted not to. They are also more prone to suicide. Remember, plastic surgeons cannot diagnose psychiatric problems.

Cosmetic surgery can not solve all the problems of these patients. It might look like an immediate solution for body dissatisfaction, but the effects aren’t as fantastic as some people seem to expect. Women with these cosmetic enhancements might be happy or appear to be happy with the results, but eventually, they keep rating their own mirror image the same as before – which might lead to another depression.

It is also common that patients with these psychological disorders might get dissatisfied with the result of the surgery and also request to repeat these procedures multiple times. There is even the risk of getting addicted to such cosmetic corrections. Reaching this stage might also lead to experiencing clinical depression, difficulty in life adjustments leading to social isolation, sadness, self-destructive behaviours, and unreasonable anger towards society.

Consider alternative options:

If you are someone working in the media industry, rather than going through these procedures, you can use high-quality cameras and equipment to take the best shots. Investing in a digital camera can significantly enhance the quality of your photos and videos, providing a professional appearance without altering your body. Many photographers and videographers prefer Leica cameras for their superior image quality and reliability.

You can also use makeup and accessories like coloured contact lenses to enhance your natural features without resorting to plastic surgeries. For instance, you can find a wide variety of colour eye contacts in Australia to match your desired look. Cosplay contact lenses offer another fun and creative way to change your appearance temporarily, allowing for flexibility and experimentation without the permanence of surgery.

All in all, while cosmetic surgery may seem like a quick fix for body dissatisfaction, it often does not address the underlying psychological issues and can lead to further mental health problems. Enhancing your appearance through non-invasive methods like professional photography, makeup, and temporary accessories can be a healthier and more satisfying approach. Understanding the limitations and potential risks of cosmetic surgery is crucial in making informed decisions about your body and mental well-being.