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We went through the top five advantages that make the Brompton an awesome folding bike, and possibly your best bike to get started with. When it comes to quality, weight, utility, and fold size, the Brompton is hands down the best folding bike. Brompton has grown to be extremely popular, selling more than 40k units every year, making the maker of folding bikes, Brompton, the biggest British bicycle maker, due to their ingenious folding processes.

Brompton is focused on making light bikes that collapse down to tiny packages, making them easier to store and transport. The pricing also reflects many of their own patented components, which helps Brompton bikes to function well, despite folding down to such small dimensions. The folding mechanisms on these electric Brompton bikes are similar to every other bicycle that Brompton offers, and additional accessories like rear racks are available for purchase.

True, BYBs otherwise great folding mechanism is a little clunky, but Bromptons A-Line is extremely well-built, and it is also comparatively lightweight. Once folded, the bike can be stored upright and pedalled using a mix of light, 20-inch wheels and two pairs of tiny, rotating castor wheels in the rear rack. For a folding 20-inch wheel bike, the Brompton A-Line is one of the smaller, more compact packages this cyclist has encountered.

The Brompton is also not the best folding bike for touring or workouts; that would be the Animals of a certain variety. For pure ride quality, the Brompton is not quite as good as the Birdy or the Airnamal, but those bikes just do not pack quite as well as the Brompton. Brompton bikes are not built to go far, due to their 16 wheels, which makes them inefficient on longer trips.

Brompton bikes Melbourne is fast because they are extremely light, with a lower moment of inertia because of the smaller wheels. Folding bikes are smaller wheels compared to full-sized bikes due to the nature of the Brompton bike, and are therefore best for shorter trips, three to five miles. The best folding bikes provide a level of speed and convenience that makes getting around the city on your bike comfortable and pleasurable, and there is no worry of locking them in public once you arrive at your destination.

If you have got a new job in town, are simply sick of being squashed on public transit like a sardine, or are looking to cut down the amount of time it takes you to walk to your office, keep reading for our rundown of the best folding bikes we have used for zipping around the city — or skip down to the bottom to learn how to pick out the best folding bikes. To help potential owners and Brompton World Cup competitors navigate the array of options out there, we have put together a guide explaining all of the major features of the Brompton Folding Bike. This article will cover different Brompton bikes available on the market, with features and pros and cons.

It is no wonder why the Brompton bikes are a preferred option for millions of urban commuters across the globe including in the EU, US, and Asia. Riding a Brompton takes a little getting used to, but most quickly fall in love with its 16 wheels, tiny footprint, and enjoyable riding experience. Everything about its self-propelled bike is as you would expect from a Brompton, London-based outfit, including its M-shaped bars, its compact size when folded, and the wide-range Sturmey Archer hub, all added with the added benefit of pedal assistance.

The Brompton Electric C Line Bike offers pedal-assist tech through its 250W hub-driven motor, its range is about 25-50 miles (depending on the user and conditions). The bike folds as easily as any other Brompton, but it comes with a light, removable battery pack which takes four hours to reach full capacity. The combination of powerful motors and batteries allows the Brompton e-bike to travel between 20 to 45 miles on a charge and offers a top speed of 15.5 miles per hour.

The H6L is also equipped with a frame-mounted pump, making it one of the most well-equipped models of the Brompton range, which you can pick up for $1,590. We would recommend the M6L model if you want a practical, versatile city commuter that has M-type bars and a quality Brooks saddle. The company’s original design for a quality folding bike was done in 1975 by the founder, Andrew Ritchie.

Brompton bicycle are characterised by their low weight, compact folding size, quality, patented parts, and unrivalled attention to detail. Nearly everything on a Brompton is designed specifically for that bike, from major parts such as frame tubes and the folding mechanism to smaller, more subtle parts such as the tiny roller wheels that push the bike when folded. This small-wheeled, unconventional-looking bike has one of the more passionate, cult-like followings in cycling – largely because it is one of the best specially-built bikes you can buy.

The pack is quick to untie, either when you need to fold your Brompton, or if you wish to carry your pack off your bike. Brompton, which is based in London, is frequently considered to make the best folding bike and continues to call the capital home, investing PS2m into its new premises in Greenford.