healthy living

I’d clarify wellbeing as the holistic experience of feeling energised, comfortable, motivated and connected. These choices encompass our ideas and our actions, our address, the foods we eat, the ways we care for our bodies, and the service we provide for ourselves and each other. When we invite the comfortable and relaxing practices of mindfulness and gratitude into our daily lives, we start to feel the willingness of our bodies and minds to collaborate as much as possible with us in the most positive, transformative ways.
By living intentionally, knowingly choosing love, peace and joy for ourselves and each other in each moment, we come to understand a profound sense of wellbeing that produces a pure, unfailing basis for happy living.

Our thoughts create our worlds by inspiring our perspectives and our moods, our everyday choices, self-talk and actions. It’s empowering to realise that our ideas are inherently flexible. Even if we’ve learnt patterns in the past that no longer serve us, it’s entirely within our power to let them go.
Once we live within nature, our wellbeing blossoms. Cultivating wellbeing in daily life is a joyous and fulfilling commitment. When we nourish our inner gardens every day, we can embody and experience the exceptional comfort, inspiration and joy we seek.

Each one of us can actively decide to think thoughts that uplift our spoken words which spread joy, and research ideas that help us grow. We can select exercise we like doing, unwind in a sense that revitalises us and select people in our lives whose support and love enable us. When we build our everyday lives around picking joy, we may genuinely experience luminous wellbeing. We always make positive, life-affirming options that light up us from the inside out.

Once we choose joy, we see that life isn’t about sacrifice and anxiety, and it’s about celebration. Wellbeing isn’t maintained by suffering or punishment; it’s encouraged by unconditional self-indulgent, enthusiasm and positive thinking. Most of us can learn and change for the better, developing our empathy, wisdom and gratitude through our personal life experiences. Not only does pleasure strengthen us to manage stress and hardship as our best selves, it consistently illuminates the swiftest route back to view and composure.

To connect to the ground, we will need to spend more time in nature. Go outside. Set your feet in the sand, the dirt, the grass. We live amongst the most diverse and magnificent flora and fauna, spectacular mountain ranges, coral reefs, vivid areas of flowers, constellations of stars, animals great and small. It’s a privilege to be here experiencing life on the planet.

The Sufi poet Rumi reminds us that the whole world is inside us how deep this is. Additionally, it’s essential for us to honour Earth. Recycle, upcycle, compost, walk or ride a bicycle, take short showers, enjoy candlelight, discuss equipment and helping hands with neighbours, family and friends, grow your herbs, vegetables and fruits, and mend and make do where possible.